11 “World’s Largest” Tourist Traps In Washington State You Have To See To Believe

If you are a hardcore road-tripper or traveler, you probably appreciate a good tourist trap. Any quirky, odd, or even bizarre reason to get tourists to stop is a good thing right?

As an adventurer, and a bit of a geek for things like traveler’s information signs, obscure museums, and tourist traps, I know you will appreciate this list of tourist traps in Washington state that I put in the class of “world’s largest”. 

They are big, they are often times gaudy, but they are weird enough to get people to come and take a picture with them, and maybe spend some money while they are there. 

Washington State's "World's Largest" Tourist Traps

World's Largest Egg

Winlock, Washington

Get ready for a yolkin’ good time! In the charming town of Winlock, Washington, stands a truly egg-ceptional landmark – the World’s Largest Egg. This whimsical ode to the poultry industry is a must-see for anyone who loves quirky roadside attractions!

World's Largest Sasquatch Statue (Almost)

Blaine, Washington

Blaine, WA would like to claim that they have the World’s Largest Sasquatch Statue but that is up for debate. You see, over in Keystone, SD is a 23 foot tall Bigfoot carving. For now I’ll let Blaine keep the title but only on semantics. 

World's Largest Chopsticks

Long Beach, Washington

If there is anything Long Beach Washington is good at, it is coming up with tourist traps. Somehow I feel like this is an odd place to find the World’s Biggest Chopsticks, but never the less, you can find them in the parking lot for Marsh’s Free Museum which also houses the infamous Jake the Alligator Man

World's Largest Frying Pan

Long Beach, Washington

Right across the street from the World’s Largest Chopsticks, is the World’s Largest Frying Pan. This oversized pan celebrates the town’s fried fish and clam heritage and promises a larger-than-life photo opportunity. How these two relate to each other, aside from being a gimmick to get people to stop is beyond me.

World's Largest Little Red Wagon

Spokane, Washington

This giant Radio Flyer red wagon is hard to miss in Spokane’s Riverfront Park. Standing over 12 feet tall and made with over 26 tons of concrete and steel, you can bring back some of your childhood joy visiting this tourist trap, if you are willing to take that slide down at least. 

World's Largest Squirrel

Longview, Washington

Get ready for a nutty adventure as you encounter the World’s Largest Squirrel in Longview, Washington. This town is truly nuts for their squirrels and has even built bridges for them across some of their streets and has an annual Squirrel Festival. While they haven’t declared this the world’s largest squirrel statue, I’m still waiting for any contenders to step up.

World's Largest Milk Bottle

Spokane, Washington

Take a trip down memory lane with a visit to the World’s Largest Milk Bottle in Burlington, Washington. This quirky landmark isn’t just a photo op – it also houses a delicious ice cream shop, making for a sweet and nostalgic experience.

World's Largest Razor Clam

Long Beach, Washington

Back to Long Beach once again, this time for the World’s Largest Razor Clam Carving. Parked very appropriately right next to the World’s Largest Frying Pan, it seems right at home in Long Beach’s tourist trap district.

World's Largest Tulip Sculpture

Mount Vernon, Washington

Much like the tulips that inspired this statue, you can see this giant tulip sculpture seasonally at the Mount Vernon Farmers Market. They are there to celebrate the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival which is its own thing and a huge deal locally.  

World's Largest Hat and Boots

Seattle, Washington

Why the World’s Largest Hat and Boots statues are in Oxbow Park in Seattle, Washington is beyond me. Originally built for a western-style gas station in Georgetown by I-5, they were moved when the highway was expanded. Now these two monuments are the heart and soul of Georgetown.

“The Hat n’ Boots is as important to Georgetown as the Golden Gate Bridge is to San Francisco,” says Allan Phillips, former director of the Georgetown Community Council.

The World's Largest Oyster

South Bend

A tribute to the Willapa Bay, generally dubbed the  “Oyster Capital of the World”, the World’s Largest Oyster Statue makes for a quick stop along a drive through Washington’s oyster country. 

South Bend is small and it would be really easy to blast through and miss this one. Be sure to stop and check out the shops and drive up the hill to the Pacific County Courthouse and check out the impressive architecture and the stained glass dome!

Take time to be a tourist

If you are from Washington state, I can’t encourage you enough to do what I call “playing tourist”. Too often when we live in a place, we become blind to the things that other people would travel across the country to see. 

The next time you have a free weekend, I suggest taking a look at where you are at, or are going to, with the eyes of someone that has never been there. Google places of interest and then go check them out. You might be surprised at the things you are missing that are right under your nose!

Did I miss a "world's largest" Something?

I did my best to include all the “world’s largest” that I could find for Washington state in this post. if I missed one though, I would love to hear about it and add it to this list. 

Send me a message and let me know if there is a “world’s largest” something-or-other that needs to get added to Washington state’s list of quirky tourist traps. 

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