15 Funny hiking and camping memes

21 Hiking memes that will make you laugh

You love hiking. I love hiking. We all love hiking. But you know what we love when we aren’t hiking? Hiking memes!

I cleaned out the files and pulled out my 18 best hiking memes that will make you laugh.

Two days into your backpacking trip meme

Two days into your backpacking trip when you become one with nature meme

Admit it, you have experienced this hiking meme. Two days in or so and you just want to be one with nature and live there forever.

Deciding if you really need to pee camping meme

Laying in your tent, in your sleeping bag, debating if you really, really need to pee hiking meme

It isn’t usually right before I get in my tent that I debate this. It is about 10 minutes after I get in and have wrestled myself into my sleeping bag that my bladder says “are you sure don’t need to pee again?”

Day 1 of backpacking Vs Day 3 of backpacking meme

day 1 of backpacking vs day 3 hiking meme

I know I’ve come out of the woods looking and smelling like I’ve been lost out there for weeks when it has only been 2-3 days. Sweat, bugs, dirt all add up to make day 3+ of hiking a smelly operation.

Day hikers vs through hikers meme

day hikers vs through hikers funny meme with dogs

I am always a bit suspect of the Instagram hikers that always look good in their photos. By the end of day 1 I’m usually a mess. This hiking meme rings incredibly true.

Long hikes vs all of life hiking meme

long distance trail vs family, friends, work, and society hiking meme

Something has to win. This hiking meme hits home at the eternal battle between going on long hikes and camping in the middle of nowhere and life, family, work and all the other mundane parts of life.

Mom wanted a photo from the top hiking meme

mom wanted a photo from the top hiking meme

The new hiking buddy meme

New hiking buddy with an amazing ass meme

BTW I’m always taking applications for hiking buddies that look like this and can keep up with me. Trust me the keeping up part is easy, I’m slooow. 😆😆😆

Pack out some trash and pretend it is CrossFit meme

Pack out some trash, it is like crossfit, but with a purpose hiking meme

I’ve never packed that big of a bag of trash out from a trail, but it has come close a few times. The stuff people leave behind when hiking kills me. Like a full single use water bottle full of pee. Why would you leave that in the woods?

People in sleeping bags are burritos for bears

people in sleeping bags are burritos for bears camping meme

Now this isn’t generally true, but being all tucked into a sleeping bag does make it easy for Bigfoot to pull you out of your shelter and have some fun with you before you wake up. Ever wonder if young Bigfoot dare each other to go mess with the humans? I’m betting they do.

Sketchy hiking plans meme

the hiking plans aren't as sketchy as they seem meme

Most of my plans sound pretty sketchy. Mostly because I got used to going hiking solo, so I only had to talk myself into it, which is pretty easy.

I’ve got 99 problems and switchbacks are literally all of them hiking meme

99 problems and switchbacks are all of them hiking meme

My main hiking buddy HATES switchbacks. This one was included especially for her.

Hiking trail mix music meme

music trail mix meme

A music trail ‘mix’ is great, as long as you aren’t pumping it through a bluetooth speaker at full volume. If you are one of those people that does that, let me just tell you now that everyone hates you. Stop it!

Hiking – what people think I do vs what I actually do

hiking, what I do vs what people think I do meme

What I feel like when I come home from hiking meme

What I feel like when I come home from hiking meme

Honestly when I get home I usually want a beer, a shower and a long nap. Maybe some ribs. Yeah, food is good. LOL

If the worst day on the trails is better than your best day at work meme

if your worst day on the trails is better than your best day at work you need to quit meme.

I’m fully with this one. Mainly because I’ve had some shitty days on the trail and work isn’t always that bad. If your work is that bad, you really, really need to find a new job.

If You Get Lost Hiking Meme

Funny if you get lost stay there hiking meme

If you get lost, stay where you are. Maybe someone will come and get you, maybe they won’t. How good of friends do you really have?

Funny Hiking Meme For Hard Hikes With Friends

But did you die funny hiking meme

Sure, you undersold the hike and it was a whole lot harder than your friends thought. But did they die? Send them this hiking meme when they start bitching after the hike.

Nature The Perfect Gender Neutral Bathroom

Bathroom? What bathroom? Pick a tree… Nature provides the perfect gender-neutral bathroom. Just watch what leaves you use to wipe with.

There you have it, 21 hand picked hiking memes to make you smile. If you have one that you think I should include, drop me a note and let me know!

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