BPA free glass water bottles with bamboo lids

Glass Water Bottles With Bamboo Lids

Glass water bottles with bamboo lids are a great alternative to using single-use plastic water bottles and are very environmentally friendly. Being that the body is made of glass, you don’t have to worry about it leaching any weird chemicals into your drink, or having any hint of metal flavor as you can with aluminum or stainless bottles. Bamboo lids are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic lids as well.

Here is a selection of bamboo lid glass water bottles that I’ve found across the web that you might want to look at. After that are some tips for cleaning and caring for your glass water bottles.

Glass Water Bottles With Bamboo Lids

Cleaning Glass Water Bottles

An important part of taking care of your glass water bottles is keeping them clean. Yes, you can just throw some of them in the dishwasher, but I know some of you don’t want to run them through there, and honestly, sometimes the dishwasher doesn’t really get in and get them clean. Here are some tips for keeping your glass water bottles clean.

The first thing is to get yourself a good bottle brush to scrub the outside of your bottle with. Bottle brushes are awesome to get the inside of containers clean, not just water bottles.

If your bottles get really stained, particularly like they get from things like tea, or get hard water streaking, my favorite way to get my water bottles clean is bottle cleaning tabs.

One easy trick I’ve found for cleaning water bottles is to use coarse salt. Simply add 1/4 cup of coarse salt like ice cream salt to your bottle and enough white vinegar that you can slosh it all around. Then simply shake until the inside of your bottle is clean. Dump your salt and vinegar out, rinse, and you should have a sparkling clean bottle!

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