The Best Camping Chairs For Seniors and Older Adults

If you are wondering what chair for elderly with mobility issues you should pick to take camping, you will want those that offer sturdy support, comfortable seating, and ease of use.

Look for folding chairs with adjustable features for personalized comfort, durable materials for longevity, and ergonomic designs for optimal posture and back support.

Exploring the great outdoors knows no age limit. Yet, for seniors and older adults who have issues getting up, the journey into nature demands a touch of consideration and care, especially when it comes to choosing the right camping gear such as folding portable chairs.

Among the essentials, the camping chair stands the unsung hero of the campsite, ensuring moments of relaxation amidst the wilderness.
In this guide, I explore the details of selecting the ideal camping chairs tailored specifically for seniors and older adults and give you my best suggestions.

All of these meet my requirements for customer satisfaction, durability, weight capacity, and portability.

So, whether you’re a seasoned camper seeking solace in nature’s embrace or an RV enthusiast embarking on a road trip of a lifetime, join me in discovering the perfect camping chair for your next camping trip.

What Are The Best Foldable Camping Chairs For Seniors?

The best camping chairs for seniors involves considering comfort, durability, stability, and ease of use. Chairs like the Timber Ridge High Back Camping Chair offer adjustable features, ample cushioning, a comfortable seat, and sturdy construction, catering to older adults’ specific needs. Durability is especially important as no one likes falling because what they were sitting on failed them.

With options tailored for car camping or RV camping and outdoor adventures, finding the perfect chair ensures enjoyable moments in nature. Now none of these will be as portable and lightweight as a backpacking chair, but they do offer far more stability and ease of standing.

My Suggestion For Camping Chairs For Older Adults

If I was going to outfit a campsite for four, I would choose two different styles of chairs. Two would be for guests, and the other two would be for me and a friend. 

For the guests, I’d pick two Eureka high-back chairs. These are comfy but still affordable. Very inviting for any friends that want to stop by for a while. 

If you wanted my camping chair recommendations for older parents, the ICECO Hi1600 chairs would be my choice. Super sturdy and while they are a little more of an investment, I’m confident they would last for a long, long time.  These would be the ones I’d get for sitting around the fire pit in the RV park or campground.

Since most of these don’t come with side tables, and you always need a place to set down your book, tablet, and cold beverage, I’d couple these camping chairs for seniors with some small camping tables and an outdoor carpet to make a cozy outdoor, portable patio. 

Timber Ridge Director's Chair

The classic camping chair, perfect for RV camping chair for older people or anyone who has trouble getting up from camping chairs. 

Chair Specs

Camping director chairs are a great choice for any camping situation, particularly for older campers or ones who have difficulty getting up from low chairs.

The standard seat height of just over 18″ makes them easy to get up from, particularly because you don’t sink into these chairs like some other designs.

The only downside is that they are typically not particularly padded, and only have moderate back support and generally don’t have very high backs, so aren’t good for napping. 

GCI Freestyle Outdoor Rocker

Who doesn’t love a good rocking chair? This rocking camping chair has an advantage over older style rockers in that the bottom doesn’t actually move. This allows it to be used in a much wider range of locations. You aren’t tied to hard surfaces like you would be in a traditional camping rocker.

Chair Specs

While not the highest weight rating of the chairs on this list, the GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker is a good choice if you want a little motion in your chair, but still want stable arms to push up off of when it is time to get up. This is a great camping rocker for anyone who likes a little motion while they are sitting.

high back folding camping chair

Realead High Back Travel Chair

The padded seat and back along with the ample weight rating on this chair make it a good choice for anyone that likes some comfort and support in their camping chair.

Chair Specs

A step up from a standard folding camping chair, this high backed travel chair gives you a little more back support, and the option to put your head back and grab a quick nap. 

The sturdy arms and wider foot bases on the chair keep it easy to push up out of when it is time to get moving again. A great RV camping chair option. 

Eureka! High Back Reclining Camping Chair

Simple but comfortable without breaking the bank, this camping chair for adults was highly suggested in the forums.

Chair Specs

This is one of the chairs that was suggested when I started researching what chairs people liked for the older campers in their family. 

I really like the simple design of this reclining camping chair from Eureka! The fact that it has a high back and reclines makes it perfect for lazy afternoons. 

With only a bottle holder built in, I would suggest pairing this chair with a folding camping table, just to have a place to set your drink, your phone, and maybe your book between snoozes. 

Timber Ridge High Back Camping Chair

Timber Ridge shows up a lot in my reviews of camping chairs. The fact is that they make a good chair at a decent price. 

Chair Specs

When you want a strong chair, these Timber Ridge oversized, high back camping chairs are just the thing. 

The heavy duty frame gives them a good feel, while the ample pockets let you put away all your stuff, so you can sit and relax longer.  

affordable camping chair for older adults

Most Affordable

GCI Outdoor Eazy Chair

GCI is another outdoor brand with a good reputation. This affordable camping chair for older adults is perfect for people on a budget or for when you need some extra chairs.

Chair Specs

More of a no-frill budget chair, this camping chair for seniors was actually highly suggested by people on Reddit. People like the wide seat that is a bit higher than most camping chairs at 20″. 

This budget camping chair is perfect is you want a couple extra chairs to set out for company at your RV, or for sitting around the fire at the campground.

Budget Breaker

Yeti Trailhead Camping Chair

Yeti is damn proud of their camping chairs, so like all of their products, you will pay a premium for this camp chair.

Chair Specs

If money is no object and you are a fan of all things Yeti, then this might be the camp chair for you.

Personally, the fact that it is lower than standard chair height at 16″ couple with the fact that it is 2-3 times more expensive than all the other chairs on this list, makes it a no-go for me.

I’m sure the Yeti Basecamp folding chair is quality, but that price really reflects it. A great chair with money to burn or who want the status of having Yeti furniture in their camp.

Quality Choice

ICECO Hi1600 High Back Camping Chair

Chair Specs

If you are looking for a very solid and strong camping chair, that will last damn near forever, the ICECO Hi1600 camping chair is your choice. 

On top of being an awesome chair, there are optional plush and padded covers that can go on these chairs. On top of that, if you are wanting a heavy duty camping chair that reclined, they make a reclining hi-back camping chair as well. 


What is the height of chairs for seniors?

The height of chairs for seniors should generally be between 17 to 19 inches from the floor to the seat. This range allows for easier sitting and standing for individuals with mobility issues or age-related limitations.

It’s important to consider individual needs and preferences when selecting the appropriate chair height for seniors.

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