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Awesome New Camping Gadgets [2024]

It doesn’t matter what type of camping you do, it is hard to resist a new and awesome gadget. If they actually are really useful and make camping trips more fun, all the better!

The following is my list of new camping gadgets for 2024 that look like fun. These gadgets make great gifts for campers as well!

EcoZoom Versa Camping Stove

I love this rocket stove because it not only is really useful for camping but also makes for a great emergency stove for cooking in case the power has gone out at home. With this sort of stove, you can still cook your food even if you live in an apartment and just have a small balcony to work with. Perfect for prepping if you live in an apartment.

Garmin InReach Mini

This really isn’t a new gadget, but if there is one item that everyone should take with them, it is an emergency transponder. You never know when you will have an accident in an area with no cell signal. A personal transponder could literally save your life. Even if I am going on an easy hike, I take a transponder with me.

must have camping and hiking gadget for personal safety.

LuminAID Solar Camping Lantern

I’m a big fan of solar-powered light cubes. I’ve had two of the LuminAid ones and they have been troopers. These are waterproof, float, and put out more light than you would think! I always have one in Leif for camping trips.

Luminaid Inflatable camping light

NEMO Helio Pressure Shower

A shower while camping is a real luxury. If you have camped much, you have probably used one of the old school bags that you fill up, let get warm, and then hang up to use as a shower. The NEMO Pressure Shower takes that to the next level with a shower that actually has some pressure to it! This verges on glamping, but is so awesome to have.

Olicamp Aluminum Pot Lifter

Why would you need a pot lifter? Because sometimes picking up a pot of boiling water and trying to dump it into your dehydrated dinner isn’t fun when using a towel. A pot lifter creates an instant handle for almost any pot, is cheap, and weighs almost nothing. These make great stocking stuffer gifts for campers!

Campsite Storage Strap

You can never have enough storage when you are camping. A camping storage strap lets you hang things up and get them off the ground. Great for drying out jackets, hanging up things that rodents might try and get to, and so on. These are super handy when you are camping!

camping gadget - hanging storage strap for camping organization.

Big Agnes Woodchuck & Soul Kitchen Ultralight Camping Tables

You can never have enough surface area to work on when you are out camping. One of these tables breaks down into a small pack and is a good pairing for one of the backpacking chairs.

Big Agnes Woodchuck & Soul Kitchen Ultralight Camping Tables

Leatherman Signal

The right leatherman can be a real game-changer for some situations. Sometimes you won’t use it, but other times, that one tool on it is the thing you absolutely need. The Leatherman Signal is built for camping and has a fire starter, whistle, knife, saw, and other tools you might need to survive an ‘oh shit’ situation.

leatherman signal camping gadget

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