F40C4TMP Cooler Review

F40C4TMP Cooler Review After A Year: Is It Worth It?

Key Highlights

  • The F40C4TMP portable 12v compressor car refrigerator is a durable and reliable option for outdoor activities and road trips.
  • It is a portable fridge that is perfect for keeping food fresh during camping trips or long drives.
  • With its compressor and freezer capabilities, it offers both refrigeration and freezing options for storing food and beverages.
  • The F40C4TMP portable fridge is plug-and-play, making it a convenient choice for anyone on the go.

F40C4TMP Review After A Year Of Using This Cooler

This review of the F40C4TMP Coolers comes after using one of their 30 quart fridges in Leif the Adventure Van, for over a year now. After that much time I feel that I am now qualified to give it a fair review.

I’m going to assume that you found this post because you have been looking for a 12V cooler and are considering the F40C4TMP portable refrigerator. That being the case, I’ll get right to the point on this review.

Why Did I Get An Electric Compressor Cooler/Fridge?

The main reason I decided to invest in an electric cooler is that I hate fighting with ice, keeping things cold on extended trips, and dealing with draining the cooler constantly. If I’m out in the woods for an extended weekend, half my cooler space is taken up by ice or cold packs.

Having an electric cooler/fridge in the van has worked out great, especially since the last few months I’ve been living the van life 2-3 days a week for work. Having to not worry about keeping my food and drinks cold has been awesome.

Overview of the F40C4TMP Portable Refrigerator

First let’s do a quick rundown of the specs on this cooler, its features and the tech details.

The F40C4TMP portable refrigerator is a compact, 28-quart capacity, 12-volt compressor-style cooler/refrigerator, that is capable of either cooling or freezing the contents of the cooler.

  • External Dimensions: 22.6″ x 12.6″ x 15.5″
  • Internal Dimensions: 13.78″ x 9.8″ x 12.4″
  • Weighs 30#
  • Consumes 1kWH per day
  • Built-in battery protection
  • Magnetic Door Seal

Size: How Well Does It Fit In The Car

At about two feet long by a foot high and wide, I find that it fits comfortably on the floor of my van between the bed when it is pushed and the cabinets. If you are putting it on the car seat, it does fit on the passenger seat with no issue. The only issue I can see with having it on the car seat is it getting launched in an accident.

How Much Does the F40C4TMP B30 Hold?

How much I can get in this cooler is probably the biggest surprise I had after I purchased it. From the outside, it looks like it wouldn’t hold that much, but the reality is that I can get a lot of food in this cooler if I pack it efficiently.

F40C4TMP B30 volume interior shot
You can fit a surprising amount inside this cooler

My plan was for this to be able to hold all the perishables for two people, on a 4-day weekend in the woods. It has no problem at all doing that. In the photo above, I had a 6-pack of drinks, a dozen eggs, a bottle of juice and a couple other things in there, and it was barely half full.

Something you may want to consider when contemplating coolers is that with no need for ice, you can fit a lot more in your cooler. Most places suggest having a 2:1 ratio of ice to things you are keeping cold. That MASSIVELY reduces the amount that you can get in cooler.

Another big upside to a cooler that doesn’t need ice is that I don’t have to keep all my drinks in it the whole weekend. At the end of the night, I can replenish whatever was in the cooler and by morning, they will be nice and cold!

How Heavy Is The F40C4TMP Portable Refrigerator?

I will say that this isn’t the lightest cooler ever, but what does expect for amounts to a car-size refrigerator? Empty it is twenty-four pounds and about double what a standard cooler of the same size would be. This isn’t a huge issue for me, but it can make it harder to move around.

F40C4TMP Power Usage

After a year of running this fridge in both hot and cold conditions, I can tell you that power usage varies widely on how much work you are making it do. I run my fridge off a 100Ah lithium battery and on the hottest days, it maybe dropped the battery 15-20% on its own.

Some talking with the AI and doing math says that it should drain my battery in just over a day, but that would be if it was running the whole time. One of the advantages of a compressor cooler is that it only runs when it needs to cool down. I know for a fact that I can leave it sit for three days and still have power in my house battery.

It does have a MAX and ECO mode, which I’ve honestly never explored.

There are some things you can do to reduce the power consumption, that I’ll get to in a bit.

Battery Protection Modes

Not having your cooler suck your main battery dry is important. With older electric coolers I’ve had, I had to remember to unplug them when the car wasn’t running, or they would kill the starting battery.

New electric coolers, at least the good ones, have battery protection built in. Effectively, this means that if the cooler detects that the power supply drops below a set voltage, it will stop sucking power.

This is not an issue for me when I’m using the house battery in my van, but if you are using it in your car, and have it plugged into an always-on accessory plug, it is a big plus.

Is The Magnetic Door Seal That Big Of A Deal?

In the marketing for this cooler, they love to point out the magnetic door seal. I’m not sure it is as huge of a deal as they make it out to be, but it does secure the lid nicely and prevent air leaks. I find that when dropped, the lid mostly closes every time, so maybe it is doing its thing.

Either way, I find that the lid and door seal are nicely engineered and do exactly what they are meant to do.

Ease of Use and Installation

The F40C4TMP portable refrigerator is very easy to put into use.

Two power supplies are provided, one for 120v AC power and one 12v DC adaptor. I can say that both worked great as for a while I was moving the cooler from my van into a the project house that didn’t have a fridge yet for a few months.

The controls are not overly complicated and once the temperature is set, there isn’t much else to do. It does remember the settings if you unplug it, and you don’t have to power it back on again if it was on, you unplug it, then plug it back in again.

The only complaint some people have had, and this looks like it is true for about half the coolers of this style, is that there are no tie down points on it. Personally, that has never been an issue for me, but that is something to consider if you plan on a lot of off-road driving.

F40C4TMP 30 Quart Portable Refrigerator Review

If I’m going to summarize my experience with my F40C4TMP 30 quart cooler, I would have to say that it has performed exactly as I’d hoped it would.

Cooling Efficiency and Temperature Control

When the cooler is completely or even partially empty, it gets down to temp pretty quickly. Obviously, if you load it up with a bunch of cans of warm liquid, it will take longer to cool them down, but I’ve never had an issue with it keeping things cold.

In doing research for this review, I did run across a couple of reviews that mentioned that there is up to a 5 degree temperature swing between what it is set for and when the compressor kicks on. I’m not sure what medical supplies you are hauling that need a precise temperature control, but I’ve always found it to be adequate for my food and drinks. I do keep mine set a little on the cold side, at 38 degrees though, so maybe that is why it is never an issue for me.

One thing to keep in mind is that the cooling coils are on the sides. Those areas are the coolest and can get below freezing. This means that if you put things like lettuce right up on them, they can freeze or at least get too cold. Not a real problem for me, but something to be aware of.

Durability and Reliability Over Time

The F40C4TMP portable refrigerator seems reasonably well built for the price point. I wouldn’t put it through the rigors that I’d expect from something on par with a Yeti, but for a cooler that lives in my van, it seems adequate.

One concern other reviewers have had is that the socket for the plug feels wobbly, and that it might be a failure point at some point in the future. I’ve yet to have a problem with that, but I can see their concern.

I had to giggle at one complaint one person had. They said that the cooler gets scratches. Uh… Duh, you take a cooler outside in the real world and it gets scratches. Expecting your cooler to stay pristine when you are using it is unrealistic.

Price To Value Analysis

The big question is if the F40C4TMP is worth the money. I have to say that I’m 100% satisfied with the price I paid for my cooler. The 30 quart has a list price of $299 but it is often on sale and as of the time of writing this, it was $229 on Amazon.

Comparative Analysis With Competitors

When comparing the F40C4TMP portable refrigerator with its competitors, they honestly have about all the same features. All the ones I’ve looked at will cool to about the same temperatures and have some level of battery protection.

Price Comparison and Value for Money

When considering the price of the F40C4TMP portable refrigerator, it is right in the ballpark compared to its competitors. Here is a price comparison table that highlights the affordability of the F40C4TMP:

Fridge ModelPrice on Amazon
F40C4TMP Portable Refrigerator$229
Kohree 32 Quart$249
Setpower AJ30$169
Wolfbox 26 Quart Cooler$249

As seen in the table, the F40C4TMP portable refrigerator is competitively priced, compared to its competitors. This makes it a cost-effective choice for those looking for a reliable and efficient portable fridge.

Pros and Cons After One Year of Use

After one year of use, the F40C4TMP portable refrigerator has proven to be a reliable and efficient choice for outdoor enthusiasts who want to do away with worrying about keeping ice in their coolers. Here are some of the pros and cons based on my experience with it and reading other owner’s comments:


  • Durability and reliability: The fridge has demonstrated excellent durability and reliability over time, with no major issues or breakdowns reported.
  • Cooling efficiency: The fridge’s cooling efficiency is commendable, with the ability to reach very cool temperatures and maintain them consistently.
  • Energy-efficient: The low power draw of the fridge ensures minimal impact on the battery, making it suitable for extended use without depleting the power source.
  • 2 Year warranty: While I haven’t had to use it, a two year warranty and lots of feedback about great customer service is comforting.


  • Lack of handles: The inset handles are sufficient, but not great for pulling this cooler. They are fine for carrying it, but not for moving it around in the car/van.
  • The USB port is pointless. I’m not sure when you would need a USB port on your cooler.
  • The dimples and ‘cup holders’ on the top are not particularly useful.

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Electric Cooler

In the last year, the big thing I’ve learned about using an electric cooler is the importance of keeping it cool. It seems like a no-brainer that the cooler the environment your cooler is in, the less difficulty it will have in staying cool and the less power it will use.

I played around with this during the hottest months of the year and found that even throwing a blanket over the top of it makes a significant difference in the amount of power it used. You just do need to make sure that you don’t obstruct the vents for the compressor.

If you want to make life easy for yourself, you can just get the insulated cooler cover that they make special for this cooler. I haven’t tried it, but I’m betting the extra insulation will make a big difference in how much power it uses.

While it isn’t a problem for me thanks to my house battery, if you are running your cooler in just your car, you might consider getting their battery pack. They say that their pack will run your cooler for 4-5 hours and if you don’t have an always-on accessory plug, this might be a good way to keep your cooler running when you aren’t driving.

If you are going to get one, I’d consider getting their bundle that has the cooler, cover and battery, as you save a little money that way.

F40C4TMP Portable Refrigerator Review

When it comes to a review of any product, the big question is “would I buy this again?”. I have to say that I’ve been very happy wth this cooler. The biggest issue I’ve had with it is that it doesn’t have any external handles. On the flip side, it holds a lot more than I thought is would, keep my food cold without any issues and is exceptionally quiet.

For me, I have to give the F40C4TMP Portable Refrigerator two thumbs up. It is a great cooler for long weekend camping trips or for in your van if you are doing the van-life thing.

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