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Hiking and Camping Holidays in the USA

The USA really does love celebrating things and camping and hiking are no exceptions. Here are the camping and hiking related holidays that I could find. If you know of an outdoor-related holiday that should be on this list, let me know!

National Hiking Day – November 17th

I’m not sure who picked a winter day to have National Hiking Day on, but every year people celebrate National Hiking Day by doing by what they are likely doing the rest of the year, go hiking. This also most commonly known as National Take a Hike Day.

National Camping Day – November 19th

The same genius that put National Hiking Day on November 17th, put National Camping Day on November 19th. Sure put a camping holiday on one of the coldest, wettest days of the year.

National Trails Day® – First Saturday in June

The people at the American Hiking Society at least know to hold their hiking holiday in the summer.

Naked Hiking Day – June 21st

If you like going buns free, then Just 21st is the hiking holiday for you.

Global Trail Running Day – September 18th

If you like your hiking a little faster, then Global Trail Running Day is the holiday for you.

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