10 Best Day Pieces Of Hiking Gear From Amazon You Need To Have

It is important to stay hydrated on hikes. A hydration bladder makes this easy!

Leave no trace when hiking and bury your business. No leaving TP on the trail!

Never have a dead cell phone on the trail again. Backup power is vital to take with you!

Keep your butt dry when taking a rest on hikes. A sitting pad make rests nicer

An invaluable tool for quick repairs on the trail and for emergencies.

Less plastic waste is always a good thing and no garbage to get rid of!

Always take a towel on our hiking adventures. Invaluable for staying dry and cool

An invaluable way to take notes and leave messages for friends or emergencies

The solution to scrapes, cuts, and blisters on the trail. You won't always need one but will be happy you do!

An emergency beacon could save your life one day, always take one with you!