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15+ best camping gear finds on amazon

Here is my list of the 10 best camping gear finds on Amazon that are perfect for making your camping adventure more fun. These are primarily geared towards going car camping, like in a campground or dispersed campsite off a road.

I’ve tried to make this a list of things that you might not have thought to bring, unlike some other lists of camping gear ideas that include a lot of the normal mundane things you will want to take on a camping trip.

Delux Pop Up Trash Can

Keep your campsite clean with one of these popup trash cans. The deluxe version comes with a lid and grommets to stake it down so it won’t blow away. No more tying a garbage branch to a tree branch and hoping for the best. Don’t forget to bring along some heavy duty 30 gallon trash bags as well!

Kelty Camping Couch

Forget brining a boring old camping chair. Grab this camping couch and relax in style at camp. Perfect for if you want to stretch out or if you want to cuddle with someone. With a couch this big you can cuddle with a couple of people. 

Self Inflating Foam Camping Mattress

Sleeping on the ground doesn’t have to suck. When you are camping, a good night’s sleep is priceless! Toss one of these self-inflating foam mattresses into your tent and say goodbye to those rocks that jab you all night. At 4″ thick, you will sleep like a log. 

goal zero power bank

Never run out of power in your devices again! Bring along a power bank and you can charge up all your devices, light up the camp with string lights, and so much more. No more having to go to the car to plug things in to charge!

Disposable Body Wipes

Been out having fun, running around, playing in the sun, or hiking to the top of a peak and now you are a sweaty dirty mess with no river to jump into? These body wipes aren’t as good as a shower, but when it comes to camping, they will get the worst of the grime and sweat off so you can relax  in camp. 

Portable Propane Hot Water Shower

If the wet wipes just won’t cut it, and you need a real shower with hot water, then this propane fired, on-demand shower system is the thing you need. Hook up your propane and throw the hose in a water source and shower to your heart’s content! No more going to bed crusty and smelly! As camping gadgets go, this is at the top of my list. 

Camping Movie Projector

Sticking with the bougie camping ideas, a portable video projector is awesome. Combine this with the power bank and you can have movie night in the woods. This is a great option if there is a burn ban so you can’t sit around the fire. Might I suggest downloading some good, scary, in the woods type movies?

Campfire popcorn popper

Sticking with the theme of movie night in the woods, this popcorn popper for camping is the easy way to make popcorn over a campfire. This is almost turning into a must since the old Jolly Time ready to pop popcorn pans from the olden days are getting hard to find! If you want to make awesome popcorn easy, consider getting some packets of pre-measured popcorn and oil and throwing them in your camp kitchen. 

Rechargeable Camping Fan

Sometimes that tent can get a little stuffy. The easy solution to this is a portable, rechargeable fan. Hang this up in your tent to move some air around and keep things a little more comfortable when you are trying to take that essential mid-day nap, or even when you have called the day over and gone to bed for the night. 

Rechargeable Camping LED Lights

While I like string lights for camping, sometimes you need lights a little more spread out. Maybe you need to light the way to the toilet or else to the cooler. I’m sure you can find a load of ways to use these outdoor camping lights. 

Sasquatch Themed Card Game

Build some fun camping memories with an easy board game for family time around the campsite. Camping With Sasquatch is an easy to learn, lighthearted, family-friendly “Rummy meets Slapjack” card game. 

easy camping clothes line

No more having to find branches and bushes to hang your wet clothes on when you are camping. This easy camping gadget lets you string up a clothesline anywhere you can find places to anchor it. Now your clothes and towels can dry without effort. 

Wool Throw Blanket For Camping

Cool nights around the campfire require blankets. I like the Rumpl blankets, but around a fire, they can melt, especially if sparks are flying. A wool blanket will keep you warm, and be resistant to catching fire/melting. I did a whole post on why you need a wool blanket in your camping kit. 

Waterproof Light for your cooler

You 100% don’t need a waterproof rechargeable light for in your cooler, but damn its cold and makes it easy to find the drink you want after the sun goes down. It even has a magnetic base in case you want to use it hands-free on your car or something. 

Portable Hammock Stand for camping

A hammock is not essential to camping, but damn they are nice on warm afternoons. If you aren’t camping in a place that has trees or another handy place to tie your hammock up, then a portable hammock stand is just what you need. This one is even beefy enough to hold big guys like me up. 

Telescoping roasting forks

How are you going to roast hot dogs and marshmallows without some sort of fork? Sure you could go looking for a stick, but the perfect green stick isn’t always available. These metal roasting skewers are the answer for cooking your hot dogs and marshmallows over your campfire. 

Tent Air Conditioner

Of all the cool camping gadgets I could find on Amazon, a battery powered air conditioner for your tent is the coolest. If you camp someplace warm or humid, and want to be comfortable, then maybe you need to pony up the money for an air conditioner for your tent. 

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